Friday, December 3, 2010

Black and White and Read All Over

As I've mentioned, this is the first Christmas that I have attempted handmade gifts. I didn't produce as many as a I wanted but I think I'm on to something good.  To make up for my "lack of handmade-ness" I thought I might put a bit more effort into the presentation of the store bought presents. After all, I bought these presents because I love and care about the recipients. There are some gorgeous wrapping papers and ribbons out there but by taking the time to create my own, I'm showing my family a little extra holiday lovin' and not putting extra paper in to the landfill. Though I doubt I'll have time to handcraft ALL my wrap jobs, it puts a smile in my heart to know that I might have saved a tree with my craftiness. That should be on a shirt! Saving trees, one craft at a time. But I digress...

Anyway, I wanted something that was a) planet friendly, b) beautiful, and c) not so difficult that I want to throw things. Inspired by Alisa Burke and her post here, I combed my bookshelves for a book with whom I was willing to part. With a twinge of regret (it is a BOOK after all!) I starting tearing out the pages to create recycled Christmas wrapping. I couldn't be happier with the way they turned out! Have a looksie!

Gift tags were made by sewing three book pages together and trimming with pinking shears. It never occurred to me to sew paper. Brilliant!

I glued book pages together with a glue gun to create wrapping paper. Martha would be jealous :)

To make paper flowers, cut simple petal shapes and secure with a glue gun. I bent the edges of the petals upward to give it some dimension. Use buttons, ribbons, pompoms, etc to create the middle of your flower.

Gift card envelopes. So much better than just handing out folded pieces of paper!

Using grosgrain ribbon gives a neat and smooth appearance.

I used a snowflake punch to create this runner on the envelope.

Do you have any green wrapping ideas? Please do share!


  1. I use grocery store cloth bags as wrapping, because then the recipient can reuse that afterwards too! I also recycle gift bags that are given to me and give them to others. My partner also gave me this amazing fabric gift wrapping that can be tied several different ways and used over and over again! And as a last minute thing, old newspaper that can be recycled afterwards is always a great idea, especially if you can find some funny images!

  2. Gorgeous!! I love this idea. I pick up silk scarves in thrift stores etc. and use them to wrap gifts!

  3. What a fantastic idea... they look great.

  4. So beautiful. They look like you care about the one you wrapped it for. Love the snowflakes.