Wednesday, February 2, 2011

No Eggs

Love and eggs are best then they are fresh--Russian Proverb

I had to buy eggs. From the grocery store. And no. I'm not happy about it. I have not had to buy eggs from the grocery store in months but for whatever reason, my hens have ceased to lay.  I've not had a single egg since mid December. Daisy quit first. The weather was turning colder and the days were shorter and everything I read said that chickens naturally slow down production in the winter. I still got about three blue eggs a week from Olivia until one week, I didn't find any. And I've seen nothing but empty nest boxes ever since.

Both chickens are less than two years old and appear to be healthy. Hubby and I gave the coop a very thorough cleaning this past weekend thinking maybe my hens are neat freaks and are withholding eggs because of a little chicken clutter. I scrubbed the roosts and the nest boxes, polished the galvanized metal feeder and waterer, and laid a thick layer of fresh bedding. I also inspected their, um, chicken parts to make sure nothing was plugged or pasted over. Everything looked A-OK in that department as well. We walked away and I felt confident that their extreme coop makeover would surely kick start production.

Apparently, I was wrong. That was four days ago. And still, no eggs. Not to sound like a heartless animal owner but really, I didn't buy chickens to be pets. I'm not risking fines from my HOA to have feathered companions for my children. I did not sacrifice yard space to listen to their gentle clucking while I work in the garden. I have chickens because I want eggs. It's supposed to be a balanced relationship, ya know? I feed you, give you fresh water, provide a nice place for you to sleep and poop, stroke your feathers, and throw you veggie scraps and apple slices. In return, I want an egg from each of you, at least every other day. That's not too much to ask, is it?

Daisy and rebellious hens.
If I have to buy grocery store eggs again I might cry. Any suggestions welcome!


  1. Maybe their place is too clean? As ours is not! =) This past week was actually the first time I did NOT buy eggs, guess we eat a lot of eggs!

  2. Hm. Our days are certainly shorter, and I've been surprised that we're finding about 8 a day (and can use them if we get to them before they freeze :( )..of course, I have 14 hens so that means that almost HALF of them are not paying their rent. I hear you...I don't shovel sh*t and haul buckets of water through the snow for the fun of it. I'm not sure what's considered "old" for a chicken. Are they moulting? I've not read much about the creatures...just feed, water, house, and collect eggs...I'm impressed that you checked their "ahem" chicken parts...real farmer material!

  3. Holy smokes - that is one clean chicken coop!! I am impressed with your dedication and happy you didn't find anything pasted over :)

  4. Gosh, shop bought eggs. I think I'd rather go without. And have done quite a few times as my chooks quite often stop laying. Whatever their reason, they don't tell me.
    I have a friend who feeds her's tinned dog food, she says it is a quick protien fix but another friend says that he stops feeding his for a couple of days and when he starts again they start laying again.
    I feed and water mine, they have access to grass and bugs all day but they have their weeks when I get no eggs.
    Once I found a lizard in their pen that may have been taking the eggs and a couple of times I have found nests out in the big area that they go to.
    So there you have it. A lot of writing for not much help. lol.


  5. If chickens don't get 14 hours of light a day they won't lay. Just put an outdoor light on a timer in their coop that will keep them in the light for extra hours. They will be laying again soon!!