Wednesday, May 25, 2011


If my bobbin doesn't stop tangling and jamming up,there may be a sewing machine shaped hole in my window very soon.

My clothesline fell down. Again. With clothes on it. Again.

The chickens are making a loud cock-a-doodle-doo type noise which is problem because
a) someone might hear them and turn me in and b) they are hens. They aren't supposed to crow.

My tomatoes have blossom end rot. Look it up. It's gross.

My daughter has a weird, dry, rasping cough and sounds like a little gangster when she speaks.

It's hot.

I'm hot.

Thank heavens for good friends with pools....a little escape is just what I needed!


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  1. I was recently having problems with my bobbin thread getting all tangled up, and I had a sewing machine repair guy come to the house. It turned out the timing was off--apparently this can happen sometimes when you break a needle (which I had done). It wasn't too cheap to get it fixed, but now my machine runs great, and the bobbin thread doesn't tangle.