Monday, August 1, 2011

Citrus Wonder and a Glass Top Stove

Whoa! I certainly wasn't planning to be away from this space for so long. We've been busy bees here at the homestead. We've been getting ready for school, hosting a house full of family, celebrating a very special birthday and an anniversary, and have just been plum over scheduled. I don't anticipate it slowing down in the next couple of weeks, but I will post as inspiration strikes. Once K is in school and we fall into a steady and hopefully slower rhythm, I can dazzle you with my wit on a more regular basis!

But before I go, I have to share this green cleaning tidbit I discovered whilst cleaning before the arrival of all the aforementioned company. I have an electric, glass top stove. Glass tops aren't the easiest thing to clean. It's not like you can lift off the stove top to soak when you've got burned on spaghetti sauce or grease splatters. Embarrassed for anyone to see the sad state of my stove top, I attacked the burned on nastiness with a razor blade and splash of vinegar. With about 20 minutes of elbow grease, things were looking good.

But my stove to still lacked that "fresh from the showroom" gleam. My homemade all purpose spray makes it look okay but I wanted it to sparkle. When we moved in to this house, the previous owner had left a tiny bottle of a concoction called CeramaBryte. It's a gooey cream that you rub on to the stove top and buff off like car wax. The stuff was amazing. But I'm a green clean kind of girl now....that and I have no idea where I stuck that teeny bottle of CeramaBryte. Instead, I sprinkled the glass top with baking soda and rubbed it around with half a lemon, cut side down. The baking soda made a delightful bubbling noise and lemons smelled yummy and fresh. I buffed off the resulting lemony paste and ta-da!!! Showroom shiny. WITHOUT having to dig for that little bottle.

Pardon the photo quality. It was snapped on my phone. I do not, in fact, have man arms.

Green cleaning wonder I tell you!!



  1. Hey, this is good to know about! Gotta try it. I really don't love my ceramic stove for just this reason: it looks cruddy all the time. Sometimes my hubby is extra-sweet and cleans it for me when I'm not looking. It probably drives him crazy that I just sort of give up trying to keep it nice. :)

  2. What a great idea to use lemon! I usually have this very long process that involves setting the oven timer to 15 minutes just to remove the grease and stains on my glass stovetop. But, I hope that with just lemon and baking soda, it'll do the trick.