Monday, June 25, 2012

Flubber Fail

In an effort to keep my children cool and entertained this summer, we've been trying a variety of activites that can be done cheaply and quickly, while using recycled and/or on hand materials. We can't be at the pool every day for crying out loud! Pinterest is GREAT for finding fun things to do and today we tried to make our own flubber.


I found what appeared to be an easy tutorial but something went awry. Instead of stretchy, slimy, flubbery goodness, our mixture hardened up and had NO stretch to it whatsoever. Too much borax I think. Undeterred by my failure, the kids thrust their hands into the bowl and began squishing it between their fingers. Though stiffer than traditional flubber, our "booger goo" as K called it, still proved to be a big hit.


They squished it.

They rolled it.

They bounced it.

They got plain silly with it.

I entertained my kids for an hour with borax and glue. What did you do today??



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  2. Stephanie. It looks like you really enjoy time with your kids doing these simple crafts. I spend a lot of my time looking up crafts and your sites have deemed most helpful. I thank you for your time in sharing these crafts and photos of your children doing them. We don't have enough crafty mothers in the world.