Sunday, May 9, 2010

Beautiful Mothers

Ah, Mother's Day. A time to celebrate the creatures who bring life to the world. I celebrated Mother's Day with slobbery baby kisses, a newspaper wrapped, sticker covered DVD set of one of my favorite shows(Big Love...Mormon drama!)a delicious dinner prepared by the best husband in the world, and a facial at an awesome organic spa. Oh yeah. A spa that uses organic products. Brilliant.

A couple of friends of mine who share in the desire for more conscious beauty suggested I try the place out. Blu Sol offers "personalized massage therapy, first rate organic products, and professional staff; all in a safe, clean, and rejuvenating environment." I've been once and that's all it took. I was hooked. The spa is beautiful, the esthetician has magic fingers, and not one single chemical is smeared on my already stressed out skin. 

Since I've started this whole "going green" thing, I find that people ask me for product recommendations on an almost daily basis. But it is beauty products I get the most questions about. I am by no means an expert but I have tried lots of products and spent lots of money trying to find eco-conscious products that deliver. As I've said before, just because it's natural doesn't mean it works. I'm still searching for that perfect product in some categories, like shampoo for instance. As of yet, I haven't found an organic shampoo that doesn't make my hair look and feel like a fuzzy steel wool pad. And there are some thing I don't know if I'll ever be able to go green with, like deodorant. But I will not be discouraged. There's a huge market for organic beauty and more products are added every day. 

If you interested in greening up your routine, here's what me and mine are currently using. I am not trying to be an advocate for consumerism. I like shopping just as much as the next woman but don't just run out to buy products because you can. Use what you have, and don't be wasteful. When you empty your jar, or bottle, or tub THEN replace it with a greener alternative and recycle said jar or bottle or tub :) 

Feel free to leave suggestions if you have a product you love, or questions if you have them. Happy shopping, and Happy Mother's Day!!

Burt's Bee's Natural Acne Solutions Cleansing Gel and Tasha & Co. Pureza
One of the only acne cleansers I've tried that doesn't completely ravage my skin. Smells a little funny but I like it anyway. Tasha and Co. is the brand used at the aforementioned spa. It is very soothing and I use when my skin isn't acting like a teenager.

*Day Cream:
Devita Solar Protective Moisturizer
LOVE LOVE LOVE this cream! I've always worn sunscreen on my face but this cream is the BEST SPF cream I've used. It's chemical free, absorbs quickly, doesn't make me break out and makes my skin smooth as a baby's you know what. Plus, it's locally made in Glendale, Arizona.

*Night Cream
Aubrey Organics Lumessence Lift Firming Renewal Cream with CoQ10 and Josie Maran's Argan Oil
A mouthful to say but Lumessence is good stuff. I haven't been using it that long so I can't really attest to it's lifting and firming properties as of yet but it hydrates without heaviness and my skin looks refreshed in the morning. As for the argan oil, my friend Anna, self proclaimed "product whore" turned me on to this little miracle. I mix a few drops in with the Lumessence ream. I feels great, is super hydrating and I swear it's lightening old acne marks. I also put it in my hair for softness and shine. Get it. You'll love it.

*Eye Treatment
Keys Eye Butter
A few months ago, the skin around my right eye got itchy, bumpy and flaky. I tried everything to get rid of it. Nothing worked. I read a review for this eye cream and the rest is history. It's rich but not heavy.  I use it morning and night and have noticed those pesky little fine lines are a bit less noticeable.

*Spot Treatment
 Burt's Bees Natural Acne Solutions Targeted Spot Treatment
Smells TERRIBLE but is honestly the best non chemical spot treatment I've tried. Dries the little buggers right out!

*Body Moisturizer
Burt's Bees Thoroughly Therapeutic Honey & Shea Butter Body Butter
Sweet, creamy and perfect for my dry skin. And my husband said it smells good enough to eat.

 Purple Prairie Botanicals Sun Stuff SPF 30
I use this on the whole family. I've tried a LOT of non-chemical sunscreens and this is the best of the bunch. It's easy to rub in, it doesn't leave a white cast like most mineral sunscreens do and was voted to be one of the top ten best non-chemical sunscreens by the Environmental Working Group. Reasonably priced and sustainably made. Their Sun Stick is especially perfect for squirmy kids who hate having sunscreen rubbed into their faces. Just swipe and go!

*Body Wash/Soap
Method Olive Leaf Body Wash and soaps by Sappo Hill
Method's Olive Leaf body wash smells yummy and produces a rich, creamy lather. Good for shaving too.It does have some ingredients I'm not sure about but I'll finish the bottle and go from there. Certainly a better choice than traditional body washes. Sappo Hill Soaps are awesome. I use the almond scented bars for me and the fragrance free oatmeal soaps on my kids. Sappo Hill soaps are made in small batches and have NO PACKAGING to throw away thus lessening your environmental impact. It's a bit weird to just pick up an unwrapped bar of soap off the shelf but I got over it when I lathered up.

*Kids Hair Care
 California Baby Calming Shampoo and Conditioner and Jason Naturals Kids Only! Extra Gentle Shampoo and Conditioner
As soon as I switched to organic bath products, my son's eczema all but cleared up. California Baby is a natural as it gets. However, I've been using Jason Natural's products because they seem to detangle and condition my daughter's long, thick hair better than California Baby. The shampoo lathers better too.

Tom's of Maine Whole Care Fluoride Toothpaste
Minty goodness, fewer chemicals. The company uses SLS in many of it's toothpastes which has caused some hardcore organics to abandon the brand. SLS is a foaming agent that has questionable side effects according to some research. The jury is still out with me. I like it. Tom's also makes kid's toothpaste. My daughter loves Silly Strawberry.


  1. I think I'll have to try the Prairie Purple Stuff next time I come visit! I'm really liking Aveda Brilliance shampoo & conditioner, but it is a bit pricey!

  2. I'm making a list! Thanks! I use Nature's Gate for shampoo and conditioner. I use the conditioner AFTER the shower as a leave in. (I'll look at the name if you're interested, but I just open caps and look for the thick brown herby, dirty looking one.) Smells really good and my hair is super fine and it doesn't leave it dirty looking or fly-away. I use a dime size, a little goes a LONG way so it lasts forever! Deodorant is tricky. One that seems to work is Trader Joe's w/salt. No smell, no anti-perspirant, and again works the best that I've used. I always keep an anti-perspirant around, tho. There are just some times you don't want to smell - traveling (wearing the same shirt a time or two or nine) and important occasions, other times like work or errands, I just don't care if I smell a bit. :) I actually had some ginger spray from a farmer's market at one point that I would put a spray in each pit after my salt deodorant and it seemed to keep the smell at bay. Maybe put a dab of some essential oil in each pit? I think I might try that... :)