Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Get Down with the Sickness

For the past two weeks, someone in my house has been throwing up. It hasn't been pretty. And since I was one of those people afflicted, many of my house chores fell to the wayside and I am way behind on everything, including this blog. Today is finally a pretty good day. No one feels too bad and I have been able to assess the damage that staying home sick for about two weeks has done to my home. I sat down this morning and made a list of all the things that need to be done around this place. Some are sickness induced chores, others are just things I want to get done and actually had the chance to notice while I was holding my daughter's hair back or gazing up at the ceiling from my own sick bed.

  1. Sanitize the bathrooms. Whatever this bug was it was awful and I want it gone. Add tea tree oil to my baking soda scrub for more antibacterial power.
  2. Pretreat bedding stains and wash with oxygenated bleach. Hang in the sun to bake dry and let the goodness of solar work on said stains.
  3. Call around for carpet cleaning estimates. Must use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. Suggestions welcome.
  4. Call for pest control. Whilst laying with my head on the floor of my bathroom after a not so nice episode of sickness, I noticed cricket poops in every corner. Gross. Again, must find environmentally friendly company.
  5. Paint the master bedroom and buy solar blocking curtains to cool it down.
  6. Peruse Craigslist to find a hutch so I can display the gorgeous antique china my Grandmother gave me. I hate seeing it hidden in my cupboard and I refuse to pay retail. There are such cool pieces of furniture out there waiting for good homes!
  7. Mount the TV. We bought the bracket ages ago and I'm tired of wiping fingerprints off it.
  8. We are about to be overrun by tomatoes. Check canning supplies for a salsa making party this weekend.
  9. Bake bread and take a loaf to the neighbors down the street. They just had a baby. Take some blackberry jam too!
  10. Finish the skirt I started for my daughter. She keeps asking about it.
It's a long list but I've already made progress. The bedding is being worked load by load into the washer and I've been braving the heat (it's 107 here today) to hang them out. I found and called a pest control company that uses organic methods and they are stopping by this weekend for our first assessment. I think I even found the perfect china hutch. It was made in 1941, solid mahogany and such a steal! We pick it up this weekend barring any other bouts of illness. Cross your fingers!


  1. I hope you have some tomatos left when I get there!

  2. You poor thing! I feel your pain. We have had gastro run through our house twice in as many months, and now the dreaded winter cold has hit us all hard. Hopefully you have seen the back of your illnesses and you are getting on top of your to do list!!

  3. Stephanie, I love the salsa-making party idea! I might have to steal that and do one myself. I'll give full creative credit to the simplicity mom, of course! :)