Monday, June 7, 2010

Have a Seat

Still trying to shake off the bitterness of my first failed sewing project, I figured the least I could do was give my leftover fabric a chance to shine since I failed it so miserably on my first attempt. I decided to use my gorgeous cotton twill to recover my barstools. The barstools were a housewarming present from my parents and are only a year old. But they came covered with a tan pseudo-suede fabric that was pretty for all of about five minutes. Sticky hands and garden muddy toes stained them beyond repair and annoyed me on a daily basis. 

I certainly didn't want to buy new stools. These are in great shape despite the nastiness of the seat covers. That, and I've sort of challenged myself to decorate with found, thrifted or homemade items. Whatever happened to fixing up and making do? As a society we are so conditioned to throw out perfectly good items in favor of new, shiny ones. The old me would have tossed the barstools to the curb. The new me used a screwdriver to remove the six screws that held the seat in place, staple gunned my leftover fabric over the top of the old scummy suede and produced some awesome new-to-me barstools that I can't wait to show off!

(P.S. Everyone should own a staple gun. They are awesome!) 

 Nasty, scummy pseudo-suede

My little helper

 Awesome new stool!


  1. sooooo cool! You have inspired me to follow your footsteps! I need to re-do our chairs at our table and I am glad to see how well it worked for you!!

  2. They are beautiful Dearie

  3. they turned out great!! I love the fabric you used

  4. Awesome! Beautiful fabric. I bet it jazzes up the kitchen island a lot!