Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I Did It!

Hello all! I don't remember if I warned you of my little hiatus but I'm back. Over the weekend, I participated in the Susan G. Komen Three Day for the Cure here in Arizona. I walked 60 miles, yes, six-zero, and it was an absolutley amazing experience. It was beautiful and emotional and the perfect way to pay tribute to all those struggling with breast cancer, those who have survived and those who we miss dearly. There were over 1500 walkers and together, Arizona raised 4.4 million dollars for the cause. Amazing!

I made it through with no major injuries. I've stressed the arch of my left foot to within an inch of breaking and I think it may take a couple of weeks to heal, but nothing is broken and I didn't get a single blister! We were blessed with perfect walking weather, a pleasant 75 degrees all three days. It was much colder than anticipated at night though...I don't reccomend tent sleeping in November! The combination of cold nights and excessive physical exhaustion may have lowered my immune system a bit and now that I'm home, I'm struggling with a horrible chest cold. That being said, I wouldn't take back a single minute of it.  Here are a few pictures from my experience!

A room with a view.
On the route.

Left to Right: Mom, Me, Marilyn and Aunt Denise

Love This!
One of our many cheerleaders along the way!
I'll be back tomorrow with a new post for your reading pleasure!


  1. So proud of you!! The pictures are terrific! Are those YOUR tattooed feet? Gorgeous. What an unforgettable experience...one you'll cherish when you're 90!

  2. Those are indeed my tattooed feet!