Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I've always been kinda vain about my hair. I know, I know....vanity is evil...yada, yada, yada. I was blessed with an ultra thick, super straight mane. When people are teasing and spraying to make their hair bigger, I'm begging my stylist to thin it out. And then thin it out some more. However I cut it, it usually falls into place pretty easily with a round brush and a dryer. I spend ( or spent...things are different now that I have kids) lots of time blowing it, straightening it, trying all sorts of lotions and potions to make it look like Cher-Hair.

Cher-Hair you say? What exactly is Cher-Hair? I have always strived for Cher-Hair. As in late 60's early 70's Cher-Hair. No, I do not desire waist length hair and ultra thick bangs. It takes long enough to dry my chin length hair thank you very much! What I desire is the luster. Have you seen old episodes of Sonny and Cher? You can practically see yourself in her ponytail! That gloriously shiny, bouncy, mirror like mane exudes health and glamour and I want it for my very own.

I used to keep my hair Cher-shiny with various products containing silicones, parabens and other nasties that I now know aren't so good for me. As I've mentioned before, my hair care products are some of the last personal care items that I have yet to "convert" into greener alternatives. Since I haven't yet found a natural product to set my hair agleam, here are some of the more natural approaches I've tried to ensure I have Cher-hair each and every day.
Cher in 1967....Gorgeous!
  • Go Virgin-As in olive oil. Women have been slathering their heads in this kitchen staple for hundreds of years. I bet Cher did too.Warm 1/2 cup of olive oil in the microwave for 15 seconds until warm. Apply to damp hair. Wrap with plastic wrap or cover with a warm towel. Leave this on for 20 minutes to an hour, and then shampoo out as usual. Revel in the resulting softness and shine...
  • Flaunt What You Got-The original color of your hair is not as bad as you think it is. I was a serial highlighter up until recently. Coloring dries your hair making the cuticle rough, dry, and very un-Cher like. Plus, the chemicals found in most hair dyes are highly toxic. If you must, seek out alternative methods of hair coloring like henna or vegetable dyes which are better for your hair and the environment. Cheaper too!
  • Cool Down-Stop using hot water to wash your hair. This is easier said than done here in the desert where the water that comes out of the cold tap is about the same temperature as what comes out of the hot. But for the rest of you, cut it out! The heat strips the natural oils from your hair making you more prone to damage. Fuzzy, broken strands=no Cher-Hair.
  • Give It a Rest-There is NO need to wash your hair every day. None. I wash every other day, sometimes maybe even every two to three days, depending on my activities. Being overly cleanly strips those oils that you need to have Cher-Hair. And while your at it, give the heat styling tools a break too. Save some electricity and allow your hair breathe.

Who is your hair idol? How do you keep your hair looking naturally gorgeous? 



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  2. I love Jennifer Aniston's hair..especially when it looks "undone" with simple waves - her beach look. I dream of having such hair. Unfortunately I was NOT blessed with thick hair. I have baby fine, lifeless dirty blond hair. I am one of those who tease, apply various products and sprays and blow dry to attempt a more full 'do. In January 2010 my husband and I started eating "clean" by incorporating many of Tosca Reno's Eat Clean recipes into our daily meals. In addition to losing a couple pounds and becoming more defined I noticed a significant improvement in both my skin and hair. My hair gained more volume, lustre and was much less oily. I am a strong believer that what goes into your body can been seen on the outside.

  3. I love Andie MacDowell's hair...dark and curly like mine! I've wrestled with it since adolescence (and have the bad school pictures to prove it) now it's either super short (just a few millimetres longer than Sinead O'Connor's), or long...of course I get the bad in between stages. I've learned to wash only twice a week. I do curl it with a big curling iron when I want to look more polished/professional, but generally it's frizz and pigtails! I think Cher wore a wig in those glossy days...haven't you seen her hair in "Moonstruck"? :)

  4. My hair is very curly and frizzy! I envy those people with beautiful straight hair, but then I get so many people telling me "I wish I had hair like yours!" So I guess we're never happy with what we have :o) Thanks for the tip about olive oil..I'm gonna try it!

  5. I greened my hair care by going no-poo. If I need hair gel, I make my own with flax seed. It's been 3 years now; I love it! It did take a couple months to get things running smoothly, though.