Monday, June 20, 2011

Today I Am...

In response to Katy over at the Non Consumer Advocate, today I am...
  • Organizing the pantry. I can't find anything and our supply of canned beans is frighteningly low. On that note, the amount of canned tuna we have is disturbing.
  • Adding tuna patties to the weekly menu.
  • Guessing as to the contents of some gifted, home canned items that were not labeled. It's either green salsa or kiwi jam but I better figure it our or my kids next PB&J will be mighty interesting.
  • Combing the yard for all my clothespins that have migrated away from the line. You should not have to buy a bag of clothespins every other month!
  • Taping off the little windows on the garage door so it can be painted before the HOA gets it's panties in a twist.
  • Ordering cultures for both sourdough and kombucha.
  • Making note cards to help me study my current chapter in my Natural Wellness class.
  • Feeling nerdy for being excited about said note cards.
  • Trying to convince my potty training son that you do not have to get completely naked to pee. Really. Especially in public bathrooms. It's just not necessary!
  • Visiting one of the sweetest and craftiest friends I have.
  • Looking  for a natural cleaning recipe that will get the nasty grayness off my cheap-o fiberglass bathtubs. I confessed a few posts back that I still use chemicals and I have felt guilty since then.
  • Reading to my kids, and listening to them read to me. Then sneaking away to pour over our new issue of Mother Earth News.
What are you doing today?
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  1. Have you tried the method on the tubs, that always worked for me.....Hmmmm.....Also, I hear you on the getting naked to pee issue, L used to strip down, her preschool teacher actually made a comment that I needed to tell her not to do this as it took too long for her to go. Seriously! What can a mom do!?

  2. LOL - my son is also a stripper! My parents call him 'nature boy'! He has 3 pairs of overall shorts that I keep rotating because he hasn't figured out how to undo the buckle yet!