Monday, September 12, 2011

That's So Pinteresting!

First things first. The winner of my Labor Day giveaway is:

Comment number seven, Rachel Clark. Congrats Rachel! I hope you enjoy your copy of
 Ice Pop Joy!

I am addicted Pinterest. If you've been living under a rock and have yet to experience the glory that is Pinterest, I suggest you give me your email so that I can invite you to try it for yourself. Pinterest is essentially a virtual pinboard where you can keep track of all the wonderful things you encounter in cyberspace. And better yet, you can browse through everyone else's boards and find even more glorious stuff! Crafts, recipes, books, art, music,'s just the best. And though it can be the ULTIMATE time suck, having an account has opened my eyes to some wonderful, simple and GREEN ideas that I never would have thought of otherwise.

Here are a few of my newest discoveries:

Cream of Something Soup-This is amazing. If you are trying to cut out processed food but miss all those delicious recipes that call for a can of cream of something soup, this is your solution. It's gluten free too!

Homemade Yogurt Tubes-Brilliant. My daughter will only eat yogurt if it comes out of a tube and those organic go-gurts are killing my pocketbook. These would be a perfect way for those of you who make your own yogurt to portion it out for your kids. Perhaps I really do need a foodsaver after all!

Homemade Goldfish and Nutella-These are two mega favorites in our house. How cool is it to make our own versions, made with real ingredients and no preservatives or transfats? The goldfish tutorial even tells you how to make a goldfish shaped cracker cutter from a recycled aluminum can!

Newspaper Gift Bags-I'm pretty good at saving gift bags and tissue but should my stash ever run low, this is a great way to recycle your newspapers and make a really gorgeous bag for gift giving.

Gathered Tank Top Tote- I love tank tops. I love bags. This is a quick and easy way to take my older, stretched out tanks and turn them in to a super cute bag. Love!

I could go on. And on and on and on.....But really, if you haven't seen what all the fuss is about, I highly suggest you check it out! Find new ideas and share some of your own. If you'd like to see all of the cool stuff I've pinned, you can click on the link below to follow my boards. Happy pinning!

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  1. I tried to join, and they said there's a waiting list! Maybe I need to be invited?

  2. @ Deedee-Yes! It seems to work much faster if a member invites you. I was put on a waiting list too but gave up and started fishing for invites :)

  3. I was on a waiting list for about 24 hours and then I could join. I think they may need more servers because I've been getting the UGH! Our servers are busy, please try again later.... a lot lately. I am also addicted!!!! If only I had the time to craft everything I have pinned!!!