Friday, October 21, 2011

The First Time

I remember the first time my daughter laughed. She was about six months old. According to all the baby books, little K should have been cracking up on a regular basis and as a first time mother, I was more than a little worried that she hadn't so much as giggled.  One evening, my husband and I sat on the couch with K trying everything we could think of to make her laugh. We tickled her. We talked in squeaky, high pitched voices and made faces. Nothing. Exasperated, I threw the burp cloth I was holding over my face and sighed heavily. I whisked it off in a dramatic fashion, expelling the air in my lungs and producing an exaggerated growly sound. Much to my surprise and delight, she laughed! Not just a little chuckle either. A deep down belly laugh. I repeated the same whisk the burp cloth move several times until all three of were laughing, tears streaming down all of our cheeks.

Hearing my daughter laugh for the first time was one of the sweetest and most precious moments of my life. First time moments are often amongst a parent's most cherished memories. Your child's first smile, first bath, first tooth, first step...these everyday, simple accomplishments not only mark the passage of time but for me, they provide and overwhelming sense of gratitude and awe. I am so blessed to witness the lives of these little people unfold. To see them beam with pride when they pedal their bikes by themselves or to hold them close when that first step turns in to a crash, I am the one who sees it. Who lives it. I get to share in their achievements and defeats. I get to be there the first time. Every time. How incredible to witness a lifetime of firsts!

My son went to his first soccer practice this week. He was timid. I spent most of the time on the field with him and when I wasn't there, he clung tightly to his sister. He stayed quiet and listened attentively to the coaches. He kicked his ball gently and barely cracked a smile when he scored his first goal. He is so careful, such a perfectionist. He has to get a feel for things and really get comfortable with the situation before the boisterous little boy I know is in there is allowed to creep out. It was a simple, beautiful moment. My youngest, my baby.... another first. My heart is still smiling.

 Here are some pics of his soccer debut:

Hands crossed, close to his sister.

No hands!

First Goal!

So serious. This takes precision Momma!



  1. Aww! That is so cute. Isn't it amazing how different they each are?

  2. You are amazing to take the time to notice these precious moments with each of your kids. I try to do the same with Devlan as I had waited soooo many years to see all these 1st's with him. It is amazing and I am soooo grateful to see this little person become so wonderful!!! I loved your story as it touched my heart, too. Thank you. Janelle

  3. And our love for our particular children and their firsts ensures the survival of the species! I always marvel at that...each of the 22 kids in my class have parents that love JUST THEM. It is such an enormous responsibility and privilege to be entrusted with them! It's amazing to see your little child do something so grown up...kicking a ball! learning to skate! pulling their first tooth! My kids started piano lessons AND stepdancing lessons...and I'm just completely enthralled with what they can do! So exciting.
    PS Your card made my day...first "real" mail I've received in your mailbox!

  4. I didn't talk till I was five years old. Every kid is different. I laughed a lot though.