Wednesday, February 1, 2012


The first Matchbox car was manufactured in 1949. The company started with just three die cast models; a steam roller, a dump truck and a cement mixer. Nowadays there are thousands of different makes and models, everything from Corvettes and Hummers, to army tanks and double decker buses. My son is an avid collector of these little vehicles, and his friends and family are doing a bang up job making sure he has a large and varied collection. When not clutched in his sticky little hand, I find cars everywhere....and I mean EVERYWHERE. I took a walk around the house this morning looking for cars and here is what I found.

Cars on the couch
Cars on the water cooler

Cars in the sink

Cars in the cat food

Cars in the yard
And though I grumble and groan about picking up and/or stepping on that tiny truck for the 327th time, I think I might be very sad when I stop finding miniature Mustangs on every surface and in every nook and cranny. Very sad indeed. Perhaps its time I embraced the Matchbox car...they'll be gone before I know it!



  1. LOL - this post makes me laugh! It is the same in my house but with trains. Choo-choos are everywhere!! Wooden ones, plastic one, metal ones...I am sure we have at least a couple in every room :)

  2. Carrie-we have trains out the wazoo too but strangely enough, those tend to stay in his room where the tracks are. There are usually a few engines mixed in with the cars but when it comes to total home takeover, the cars are king!

  3. My cars are barbies dolls! Though my son was like that and now he is 14! I do have a few still though for when my nephews come around.