Tuesday, February 21, 2012


The garden is in! We spent our weekend planting and it's looking to be a tasty summer. We planted tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, jalapenos, squash of all kinds, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, lettuce, beets, turnips, beans, peas, carrots, radishes, herbs....the list goes on and on. I'm hoping to be up to my ears in produce. I've already been internet shopping for more canning jars!
Pickled asparagus we put up last year
We aren't really trying any new varieties this year but we are experimenting with different types of gardening. In a few of our beds, we are trying the "square foot" method as opposed to row plantings. This makes my OCD senses tingle, having to spread seeds willy nilly but we want to maximize space and minimize weeds which this method promises to do. My husband still let me have a few row plantings to satisfy my need for symmetry...isn't he a gem?

Anything good to eat in here Mom?
We are also experimenting with terracing on the slope between our fruit trees. Our beloved tomato plants slow production during the summer once the temperatures are consistently over 105 degrees (so NOT looking forward to that!) In an effort to give them some relief from the sun, we planted a few between the fruit trees, hoping the shade will keep them comfortable. We lost so many tomatoes to blossom end rot last season we are willing to do just about anything for our romas, krims and beefsteaks. Tomatoes are a gardener's most prized crop!

Part of last year's crop
And flowers. I planted flowers. We haven't ever planted flowers. When we moved here almost four years ago, we thought it silly that many people had huge lawns that they spent hundreds of dollars on each month to water. We live in the desert. Grass does not grow here for a reason! My husband and I hopped on the artificial turf bandwagon and solemnly swore we wouldn't plant anything that wasn't useful or edible. Flowers don't really fit into either of those categories but it sure is nice to have some color in the yard. I don't see myself having an English garden anytime soon but I'm thinking flowers will be making their appearance in my yard on a regular basis.

What are you planting this year?



  1. Looks Great...I am going to do a raised garden this year. I am hoping it is easier and will do better. Uncle Scot is not to happy about me wanting it in the back yard, but I think that is where it will do the best and I will be able to spend time in it while I have Noah. I want to start canning some too.
    The kiddos are growing and are so beautiful. We love you all, Auntie Kor

  2. You should see my quilt! The quilting on it isn't symetrical (sp?) and I keep thinking that you will start twitching when you see it ;) What does that have to do with your garden? The square foot gardening technique made me think of my quilt and your OCD. LOL! Love you!

  3. Wow, and here I was thinking that I planted early here in CA. Sounds like you guys will have a lot of variety this summer!

  4. Another Arizonian, awesome! I've got seedlings started for zucchini, basil, san marzano tomatoes, eggplants, sweet peppers, hot Brazilian peppers given to me by a friend, thyme, sage, cucumbers. And a load of more things are going to be direct sow. I'm waiting until the first of march to plant them. I've already got peas, dragon carrots, chard and beets growing. Love your blog by the way. Thanks for stopping by mine!