Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Twenty Nine

Today, I am twenty nine. I thought this birthday would be hard on me. After all, it is the last year of my twenties. But I woke up this morning feeling happy, grateful, and very much at peace with where I am in this life. I am healthy. I am loved.

I need nothing else.

To kick off my 29th year, here is a list of ten things that are making me happy...right now.

  • Cauliflower. The head we ate last night. The head I cut from the the garden this morning. And the eight heads in the garden still growing.

  • Children's consignment shops. I bought six pairs of shorts, three shirts and dress for $25. Cheap and eco-friendly!

  • Facebook. I can't believe how many people have left me a birthday message. I feel so loved!

  • Books. A real, bound, paper book. I love my Kindle but I miss the weight of a novel in my hands. Kudos to my husband for giving me a paperback novel for my birthday!

  • A Best Friend. She knows all my secrets and remembers that I like dark chocolate with sea salt. She is irreplaceable!

  • Pop Rocks. The Easter Bunny put a packet of these vintage candies in my children's Easter basket and  I love watching them giggle while they fizz and pop on their tongues.

  • Coronado Island. I booked our hotel rooms this morning for our summer vacation. I'm counting the minutes until I can see the ocean again. I should have been a mermaid!

  • Thomas the Train. My son gave me his beloved wooden train as a birthday present. I almost cried. 

  • Burt's Bees Lip Balm. A fresh tube. So tingly!

  • Cat Vomit. Okay. Cat vomit doesn't make me happy. Twitch hacked up something nasty while I was writing this. But he chose to vomit on the tile which infinitely easier to clean than if he would have done it on the carpet. Happy Birthday to me!

What's making you happy today?

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  1. Happy belated birthday! I laughed so hard at the cat vomit part...boy do I feel your pain! Our new place, which we moved into last year, is mainly carpet, a big change from the mainly laminate flooring we had in our last place. And the carpet is white. And we have two cats. You can imagine how I feel when I see the vomit, which is ALWAYS on the carpet. Ugh. A good way to clean the stain out of the carpet I have found is to mix a good amount (say 1/4 cup) of vinegar into a couple cups of hot water and add a little dish soap. Seems to clean it up really well!

  2. Happy very belated birthday. My dog just vomited on the carpet today. Sometimes though I'm glad my dog did. At least shes getting out what her stomach didn't like. At least like you said the vomit wasn't on the carpet.