Monday, April 2, 2012

I Missed It! And a Giveaway!

I missed it! I can't believe I missed it! My two year blog-o-versary was March 30th. Two years. I can't believe I've been in this space for two years! This calls for a celebration!

I'm giving away a copy of Rhonda Hetzel's book, Down to Earth; A Guide to Simple Living. Rhonda's blog was the very first simple living blog I encountered. Her blog was my  how-to manual when I started to live more simpy and more sustainably. Rhonda is helpful, encouraging, realistic, engaging and has inspired me more than she will ever know! I have yet to read the book (I'm hoping to get it for my birthday next week!) so if you win, do let us know how it is!

To enter:

  • You must be a follower of Green's Going Green. Don't be a lurker. I won't bite. Mosey on up there and click follow why don't ya? I ship internationally!
  • Leave a comment telling me why you choose to live simply and sustainably.
  • For additional entries, share this giveaway on your Facebook page or on your own blog. Leave a separate comment for each.

Good luck friends! And thanks for reading!



  1. Hey Steph congrats on making it 2 years! I'm so happy for you. I'm still learning to live the simple life. I know I fail miserably in several areas, but I'm learning by reading blogs like yours and I hope to become better at it soon! This book will only help me reach a higher standard of simplicity and sustainability.

    1. This is Renee Narvaiz .. BTW. not sure why it won't show my name in there. I am a follower ;-}

  2. I think living simply and sustainably is important to prepare myself and my family for future energy descent.

    I'm dying for a copy of Rhonda's book! I've flicked through it in so many bookstores now, but spent all of my 'spending money' for the next month on a fruit basket for my mum when she was in hospital for spinal surgery recently (8 hours away, so I couldn't go and visit her), so need to wait until the budget allows. Or, win a copy!

  3. I live simply because I believe that our world is sacred and we need to treat it with respect in order to assure that it is a safe and healthy place for future generations. I also refuse to buy into a materialistic existence that is dictated by consumption. I live my life surrounded with love and happiness, not material possessions.

    I am DYING for a copy of Rhonda's book- but it is not available in Canada yet! Thank you for this amazing opportunity!


  4. Hi Stephanie! There are so many reasons but I think the main one is that the more simple my life becomes, the more happiness and peace I feel. Having less things to pay for, clean, maintain, etc leaves more time & energy for me to do the things I spending time with my family, reading and gardening. Thanks for sharing Rhonda's blog ~ I'm her newest follower! I'm also an April baby (26th) so this book just made it on my list too (just in case I don't win!!!). Is it a safe assumption that you've read Voluntary Simplicity? One of my most favorites. I re-read it quite often...

  5. Oh.... to live a more simple life.... this is something that I struggle with, but I keep my chin up and treck forward! I feel that I am so much better than i once was, and I am bring able to teach my children the things I am learning which is a success in my eyes! I HOPE I win because I am dieing to read this book and have it in my arsenal of simple living go-to's!

  6. Two years - CONGRATS!! (even if I am late) Time flies, doesn't it?
    I have been wanting to check out this book so please enter me :) I am a faithful follower (who needs to let you know I am here with you more often!).
    I choose to live simply for many reasons, just a couple of them are:
    to center myself on what is truly important
    for my children and all the other children in this world - now and in the future. I don't want to be a cause of suffering for anyone.

  7. Honestly, a big reason for simple living for us is necessity...we don't have the money to do otherwise! We want our children to be connected to themselves, each other and the earth rather than to gadgets and television. We want to feel independent of mass marketing and consumerism. So many reasons!
    I'm approaching my second, too, and remembering how yours was one of the first blogs I added to my blogroll! Time flies.

  8. Just shared this on facebook so count this as my second entry!

  9. I feel bad entering this giveaway when you yourself haven't yet got a copy! I choose to live simply because the rate western culture consumes things: fast food, cheap clothes, gadgets, etc scares me! When will enough be enough? I try to live simply by sewing my clothes, buying from op shops when I can, growing my own vegetables, and cooking from scratch. Every little bit counts :-) thanks for holding such a great giveaway! Sam xox

  10. How can I not comment on this one? We live simply by re-using anything and everything we can! Why buy something new when we may already have something that will do the job! Aloha!

  11. I love doing things the way my mother and grandmother did. My son also has food intolerances so I started my journey with cooking from scratch. I like to know what is in the food and products I am using and prefer simple things. Rhonda has been a role model for me for a long time...if I don't win I'm hoping for a copy of her book for mother's day.

  12. I think my parents instilled a great appreciation for gardening, composting and the like. As I raised two children, I realize how important it is that I teach them to enjoy the simple joys in life. Especially a day at the beach!

  13. As the mother of five, living simply is a sanity (and money) saver! Hope I'm not too late to enter, couldn't see a closing date! Xx

  14. I'm learning to live simply...making my own cleaners, recycling, buying less, sharing resources with friends, cooking more from scratch. It's a process-but with each change I make I feel better, healthier!