Thursday, August 23, 2012

That's Just Peachy

As summer draws to close, I've been scrambling to eat as much summer fruit as I can get my hand on. Cherries, peaches, plums and apricots....oh how I will miss you! A few weeks pack I hit up an amazing sale and bought 10 pounds of peaches for 59 cents a pound. I blanched, peeled and chopped them and stuck them in the freezer until I had time to do something with them.
Today, my son and I made peach jam with half of my frozen peaches. The other half will be dried into fruit leather I think. I am out of jam and actually had to buy (gasp!) jam at the store. When my children declared that the store bought jam "tastes weird," I knew I couldn't let my jam stores run dry again. And so, with minimal work and just a little bit of our afternoon, we have nine jars of summer-y goodness waiting to be eaten. Delicious!

Licking the jam spoon



  1. Yum! Plan a road trip to the Hondo Valley to have a apple/pear picking and canning party! That peach sounds amazing! They are falling off the tree's and being by all the Canadian Geese. :(

  2. Margot has been whining for peaches since MARCH and since I only buy them in season, it's been a long wait! They were early this year because of our drought, and they're starting to cost more got an amazing deal on yours!! We've mostly been eating ours fresh by the basket...drippy, beautiful, Ontario peaches! I'd love a nice peach jam recipe...would you email yours to me? I've made the same peach conserve that my mom made for years and would like a change. YUM!