Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Herbal Remedies

Wow! It's been nearly a week since I posted. I've been traveling around with my family but have settled in at my parent's house, otherwise known as middle of nowhere, New Mexico. I've been enjoying the quiet stillness that a lack of population provides. Our days have been filled with porch sitting, sunset watching, star gazing, lizard chasing, elk spotting, horse petting, Indian ruin exploring and a bit of water hauling as the well pump at my in-laws broke and it will be Thursday before a new one can be installed. Gotta flush the toilets somehow...

Another thing I've been indulging in whilst on "vacation" is food. Good gracious do my parents have lots of good stuff to eat. Combined with the "road food" from the previous weekend and my digestive system was a hot mess. I felt terrible and I couldn't zip my pants without sucking it in. Besides drinking gallons of water and eating oatmeal three squares a day, what else could I do to cleanse my system?

Our teeny tiny town has recently acquired it's very own herbalist. Run by one, Ms. Barbara McCrimmon, Cactus Herb Company offers herbal remedies, teas, and organic cosmetics. I've been interested in herbal medicine for quite some time and have even been considering studying to be an herbalist so that I might practice on my own.  As I've said before, Western medicine certainly has it's place but I feel that 80% of what ails us is caused by our actions and that there are more natural therapies to help us achieve optimum health.  Vitamins, minerals, herbs, probiotics and proper diet fix so much if only we would let them. Yes, I may sound new age-y and hippie-like, but wouldn't you rather prevent illness than treat it with chemicals?I thought Barbara might have some words of wisdom for me in starting my study of herbal medicine as well as concocting something to help my ailing tummy.

What would have been a ten minute visit turned into a forty-five minute one. Barbara shared with me how she got started, where she received her education and loaded me up with names and phones numbers so that I might find someone in the Phoenix area who can help me. We poured over her library and I wrote down all the ISBN numbers of some great introductory books (Amazon here I come!) She offered to take me on a "discovery walk" in which we would hike around the area and identify local medicinals and edibles. I can't wait!!

And last, but certainly not least, Barbara approached her wall 'o herbs, filled her arms with mason jars and made me a "Roadtrip Remedy" tea made with Chamomile, Licorice and Cascaba Sagrada. One teaspoon in one boiling cup of water before bed and I should be right as rain by morning. Here's hoping. I'm tired of sucking it in!

What herbal remedies do you stand by?

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  1. sounds like you had fun in new mexico! I met your parents by the way. we all ate dinner at bill and dawn's and played hand and foot. Danny and I were both really sad that you guys weren't going to make it to the reunion though.