Saturday, July 31, 2010

It's Raining, It's Pouring

Here in AZ we are in the midst of our "monsoon" season. It's been teasing us for weeks but today, the sky finally opened up and let go. It got me to thinking about water storage. A rain barrel would have been nice but we don't even have gutters. It doesn't rain much here but when it does, it's fast and hard and I'm sure a barrel would have been filled today. And rain barrel water would certainly ease the numbers on the water bill. Six years ago today, my husband and I married. Maybe for my anniversary he'll buy me a rain barrel!

Anyway, my poor deprived desert children happened to be in the yard when the storm started and  I just didn't have the heart to make them come inside. Once they were drenched and they complained of mud and clothing chafing, the clothes came off and my little wild ones finished their adventure in the nude. Here are some pictures of our absolutely lovely Saturday afternoon!

Happy Weekending! 


  1. Oh, the freedom! I took pics like this of my kids last summer...precious memories, more so for you as the rain is so rare. Must make you so aware of the water you use. We're on what seems like a bottomless well, so water is "free"...but I still try to recycle it as much as possible...wading pool water goes to the chickens and garden in the evening, bathtub water waters the houseplants...wonderful stuff, water!

  2. Beautiful pictures - perfectly capture the joy experienced by your children with their unexpected gift from God.

    A l-a-r-g-e rainbarrel would be the perfect gift - hope your husband reads your blog :-) (we women are such practical creatures, aren't we).

  3. That is so cute. Too bad we don't have a private yard, or I'd let my little ones dance naked in the rain, too.