Friday, January 14, 2011

10 Things

There's much to be worried about. Floods in Australia, mudslides in Brazil, mass animal die offs around the globe, nine dead in a shooting rampage here in's been a tough week. My mind is troubled and I am scared. I am so very glad my family has chosen to live simply and sustainably, with only the things that really matter. Because in times like these, what else can you really cling to but the simple every day tasks of living and loving your family?

Despite it all, here are 10 things that are making me happy, right now.

1. My four Australian friends. They are wet and worried, but safe.

2. Bread. I may not be able to make it but I can buy it when so many others cannot.

3.My clothesline. Seeing my clothes flapping in the breeze is strangely soothing.

4.Haircuts. Snip and a clip and I feel like a million bucks.

5.Seed catalogues. Spring planting is just around the corner!

6.Increases and Decreases. As in crochet. I learned how to do them just this week.

7.Vitamin B Complex. Without them, I'd sleep all day.

8.My new aromatherapy book. There's an oil for every ill and I plan on learning how to use them all.

9.Chicken poop. My herbs will be ROCKIN' this year.

10.A fridge full of pictures made "Just for Mommy."

What's making you happy today?


  1. First of all I am totally with you on the B complex! I take B Stress PM, and let me tell you it is GREAT!! Second of all, because of you and your postive influence on me and my family, I have hung a cloths line in my back yard! And just yesterday I was watching Max and Leila's sheets floating in the breeze and I was thinking how something that simple could make me smile from the inside out, and also feel so accomplished in my day! (plus i was feeling blessed that we live in Phoenix were I CAN hang sheets out on the line in January!) So, thank you!

  2. To Danielle- Where do you get B Stress PM?
    Stephanie - Fear not for I am with you. God will take care of us. Try to let him.
    I love you!

  3. The pink sky on the drive home from work.
    Margot called the moon "boom!"
    Violet's pink cheeks and long fingers.
    Jude calling me Mrs. Pinkerton all day when we're at school, then shifting back to "mom".
    Friday=Pizza and Movie night!

  4. That's interesting that you are looking into aromatherapy and essential oils because Ari works for a company that sells essential oils. I don't know much about it but I bet you could talk to my little wife about it.