Monday, January 3, 2011


I hate New Year's resolutions. Though the first day of the new year is a convenient time to start anew, my resolutions are usually forgotten by the end of January. I believe this happens because most of the things we resolve to do are either unrealistic or completely unattainable. When we make a resolution, we do so to "correct" something about ourselves, something that probably doesn't really need fixing in the first place but that mainstream media tells us is utterly wrong. You're too fat. You're not smart enough. You're a slob. So this year, instead of resolving to lose that 10 pounds I've been trying to lose for 3 years, or resolving to do one load of laundry a day so that Saturday's Mt. Washmore is more of a molehill than a mountain, I'm going to resolve not to make resolutions. Instead, I will make a list of skills I wish to learn. If I learn them in the coming year, great. If it takes a little longer, that's okay too. The list will be ever growing, never ending, and will always be a reminder that despite my chubby, slovenly self, I am skilled, curious and most importantly, happy.

Here is the list thus far:

I would like to learn how....

  • To make bread well enough to stop having to buy it in the store. I'm a serial yeast killer though. This could take some work.
  • Not to be afraid of my pressure canner. I can water bath till the cows come home but I am terrified I'll blow my head off if I try to put up my own spaghetti sauce.
  • To use essential oils for both medicating and beautifying. A thoughtful Christmas gift from my husband has given me a good start but I still have much to discover.
  • To put in a zipper and make perfect pleats. WITHOUT cursing.
  • To incorporate more veggies in my family's diet, preferably in a sneaky way as both spouse and children are hesitant to eat any variety but corn and asparagus.
  • To make body, hand and laundry soap. Once all the necessary ingredients are gathered, I'll save a bundle, know exactly what's in the mix, and can make it smell however I want!
  • To compost. Properly. The homemade bin of rotting food and weeds turned in to a cricket attractant and roach motel. Time to get serious and get rid of that awful thing!
  • To do Zumba. I look in on the class every time I go to the gym and it looks like so much fun.
  • To make candles. I can't really think of a practical application but I think it looks fun!
  • To make more than dishcloths with my crochet needles.  I want a sweater dammit!
  • To quilt. Something about using scraps to make something useful and beautiful just rubs me in all the right places.
And so it begins. This year, I encourage you to consider what it is you would really like to do and learn this year. What  is really going to make you happy? If giving up sugar or losing some weight is the ticket to true bliss, than by all means, put it down. But I'm pretty sure, deep down, things like dress size and an addiction to cookies aren't what's holding you back from true happiness. What keeps us from happiness is ourselves. We put things like weight and appearance before the simple, pleasurable skills and hobbies that make life interesting and truly worth living.  Put aside your doubts, your insecurities and your I cant's and just write it down. All of it. You have a lifetime to get it all done. You best get started!

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  1. You are not chubby or slovenly. I have been spending these months with little work mastering the art of bread making, though I am no master yet, I am much better than I was a year ago, and I am quite proud of how high my whole wheat loaf was in the pan yesterday. Find a day we can spend together with the kids and you and i can make bread (which is really about a lot of waiting) while they play. I would love to share what I have learned in the last ten years of trying to make the perfect whole wheat loaf. I also found another recipe for sourdough that you don't have a starter for. It tasted pretty good at x-mas but needs some tinkering.

    i resolve to actually quilt more this year. it is joyous making things from scraps, and I am determined to do so. now to make my self sit down at the machine without cursing too much!

  2. I think Jerry Seingfield's (sp?) wife has a cookbook out that has recipes that hides the veggies in regular meals, so the kids and hubbie eat something delicious and don't even know that they are getting their veggies, too!!!

  3. I want to work on my breadmaking too.

  4. ENTER ME, again in the giveaway. I have a great/easy bread recipe. I would be happy to share. It makes 3 loaves. The main thing with bread is keep trying and there is a great You tube video on kneading. That's really the key, well and not killing your yeast.