Monday, January 24, 2011

Two Days, Four Outfits

For the past two days, I've been holed up with my sewing machine. Here's the story:

While wrestling my son into his pajamas the other night, I noticed that they were getting a little short and a little tight. Time for new jammies. But after a stroll around Target (and some incredible willpower) I skipped the cute ready mades and decided it would be cheaper and more fun to sew my own. I already had a stash of cute boyish cotton prints I'd gotten on clearance and a pattern too. I picked up some plain cotton t-shirts for $2.50 each and skipped though the parking lot, applauding my frugal efforts all the way home.

Way back when, I attempted to make a pair of jammy pants for my boy. I thought the pattern looked weird so I altered it, resulting in awkward, hip huggin', diaper bearing bottoms that were poorly hemmed and ended up  in the rag bag. This time, I left well enough alone. The pattern is perfect as is and I turned out TWO pairs in about an hour and a half. Now that I've got it down, I bet I could do it in 45 minutes. Paired with the cotton tees (which I plan on embellishing later) the boy child got two matching pairs of pajamas that cost me about $5 a pop. A steal when you consider that Target's jammies run anywhere for $10 to $20 for each set.

And for some reason, I kept on a stitchin'. I found the cutest, fastest, easiest skirt pattern over at Oliver and S and made TWO, yes TWO, precious skirts for my daughter. I love them. They're fun to make, they're fast, and they look just as good as anything you could buy in the store. I'd like to figure out how to make an adult size version for myself. The ribbon hem is what really makes it special.These would be perfect for our sweltering summers but for those of you who are dealing with ice and snow at the moment, you could always use a heavier fabric like corduroy. And leggings! These would be so cute with leggings! If you have a little girl....heck, if you KNOW a little girl, make her a few of these. She'll love you forever!

I wanted a couple of cute tops to go with the skirts but I'm not quite skilled enough to start whipping out t-shirts. Knits are stretchy=scary to sew with. Anyway, cheap cotton tees to the rescue. I bought one at Target for $2.50 and the other was just a plain white tee K had in her dresser. I am blessed with a super crafty friend ( I heart you B!) who oh so generously let me use her most awesome embroidery machine to do some appliques. The result? Two ridiculously adorable, one of a kind outfits for pennies.

Pardon the wrinkles....I had to dig them out of the hamper for a pic.
Love the hot pink ribbon hem!
And as a final touch,I got together with another crafty friend and we made a few hair bows for our girls. I used the ribbons I used for the skirts and now my baby girl is fashionably coordinated from head to toe. Revel in my domesticity!! RAWWWWR!


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