Monday, November 21, 2011


My husband has been wanting a grow light for quite some time. In the few years that we have gardened, most of our plants came from starts we purchased at the nursery. This is fine and dandy but it can be expensive. Eventually, we would like to start our own seeds for transplants to cut down on costs and to have more variety in our garden.  In order to do this we need:

a)  an indoor space where a water or soil spill will  not be catastrophic
b) ample sun light
c) a protected area where children/pets can not destroy/eat/poop in the seedlings.

Unfortunatley for us, our biggest windows are smack dab in the middle of our carpeted living room. The thought of muddy little seedlings getting knocked on to the carpet as a wild child whizzes past is enough to make me want to scrap the garden all together. So, the next logical, out of the way place for seedlings is the guest room closet. I don't care about the carpet, the kids don't go in there,  and the little seedlings can grow undisturbed until they are ready to be transplanted.

So I googled grow light. Go ahead. Google "grow light." I'll wait. Go ahead. Open another window and do it. I don't know about you but "grow light for marajuana" was at the top of my search page. Great. So when I order a grow light I'm going to be on some list and the "the man" is going to think I'm growing Mary Jane in the sewing room when really I'm just trying to give my heirloom tomatoes a head start!
But I digress...

We did end up ordering a grow light. And after some closet reorganizing and a the removal of a useless organizational divider contraption, the closet in back bedroom will be glowing in no time. Let's just hope my kids don't slip up and let people know that Momma is growing stuff in the closet. Oy. The things I do for organic vegetables....

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  1. Hysterical! I love the idea of your child telling a teacher that "Mom is growing some plants in the guest room closet...with a special light!". Too funny....

  2. I love this idea. One of the problems I had with my planting boxes it the cat kept mistaking it for a litter box, and my baby plants got smashed, dug up and pooped on, then subsequently died. I do have an "extra" room, that computer parts are stored in, and I bet I could make room in there soon next to its nice big window to grow some little seedlings. Good luck with your grow light, hope the cops don't show up and confiscate your tomatoes.

  3. I'm soo telling some LEOs on you! Let me know if you notice extra patrol :) Hahaha -Mandy

  4. Had to giggle at your search. We just had a hydroponic store open up in my city, and I walked in with a little anxiety because I had my kids with me. The man who owns the store is exactly what I had stereotyped (covered in tatoos and piercings), but the store was beautiful. He had veggies growing everywhere and donated them to the local food bank before he'd grow the next set. I walked out of there with a small setup.... we'll see how I do.