Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Holiday Giveaway!

It's five o'clock or as I like to call it, "What the heck am I going to make for dinner" hour. I try to meal plan and am usually successful but there are weeks when I just don't get to it. And even when I do, staring at a blank calender, trying to figure out how NOT to have tacos for the 13th time this month can be overwhelming. I need fresh ideas; food that is wholesome, nourishing and inexpensive. We love tacos but something's gotta give!

Anni Daulter to the rescue again. You may remember a while back, Anni so graciously sent a copy of her book Ice Pop Joy for review. I was deeply impressed with all the good for you ingredients she managed to pack in to a popsicle so you can imagine my excitement when she sent me a copy of her newest publication, The Organic Family Cookbook. Not only is the book packed with delicious,family friendly recipes, Anni provides green living tips in the sidebars of its pages to guide you and your family toward a healthier, more involved relationship with your food and your community.

With Anni's help, our meal plans are looking a LOT more interesting. A couple of family favorites thus far are her Simple Quinoa with Peas and Corn ,Comforting Banana Nut Cinnamon French Toast and the Roasted Tomato Garden Tacos (See? I told you we love tacos!) And guess what? One of you has a chance to win your very own copy! It would make a great gift for someone you love or keep it for yourself and whip up a batch of Anni's Cinnamon Rolls for your holiday company.

All you have to do is leave me a comment telling me your family's favorite weeknight meal. Between your comments and Anni's cookbook, I hope to have lots of new dinner ideas!

A couple of things:

To enter, you MUST BE A FOLLOWER of Green's Going Green.

For an extra entry, post this giveway either to Facebook or to your own blog.

Comments will close on November 27th. Winner will be announced Monday, November 28th.

Good luck and happy eating!


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  1. Loralai loves hamburgers, but has begun to eat my tacos too. I of course don't eat either. I have been making the sweet potato and black bean tacos from the skinny B*t*h cookbook, and they are awesome. i have also been toying with my own potato salad recipe, which goes well with the burgers, and gives me something to eat too!

  2. We love homemade pizza. Our current favorite is pear gorgonzola but generally we settle for the cheaper plain cheese pizza. :)

  3. In a pinch, we whip up some fish tacos and beans. Yum!

  4. Best quick meal: saute thinly sliced potatoes till soft; remove from pan; saute thinly sliced onions; put potatoes back in then pour in scrambled eggs; pull up sides gently to let eggs run under to cook. Put under broiler to cook/brown the top. Everyone in our house likes this: gluten and dairy free, and great with ketchup which makes it a hit with the kids. Quick and easy! Serve with salad or steamed broccoli! From "Nourishing Traditions". I like to put hot sauce on mine. They're called Spanish Omelettes!

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  6. This book looks very interesting! My favourite quick meal is a sweet potato peanut stew with chickpeas that comes together in less than 20 minutes and is so comforting and good! Thanks for the giveaway :)


  7. Our standby meal is Spaghetti Bolognaise. It takes me 20 mins from beginning to end as long as the beef (or pork or veal or even lamb in a pinch) is defrosted. I taught the resident 14 yr old to make it too!

    Other quickies are chicken burgers and tacos.

    Taco's do seem popular! Lol!

  8. Our standby meal is Fiber One cereal! I know! That's boring and for old folks, but it's easy! I'd love to win this one. If I don't, I think I'll purchase it. Can I get it on Amazon? The Quinoa recipe sounds yummy. I made quinoa burgers a while back... I need to make them again! Oh, how do I post this on fb?

  9. Don't know why I hadn't joined before. I love reading your page. That cookbook sounds great, and full of yummy ideas. I use the internet to try to expand my limited dinner menu, but a lot of times I'm just going to make chicken of some kind with a veggie and mashed potatoes. There's only so much chicken a person can enjoy. I never know what to buy when I got to the store to make new meals. I would love some fresh ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  10. My personal favorite is vegetarian chili (my husband's), cole slaw, mac & cheese (for the littles) and yummy cornbread. It's so much so that I even look forward to the leftovers!

  11. One of the challenges I have is variety. When you eat healthy it's not just that you limit the actual amount of foods you eat. People say things like if I stop eating bread what will I eat? There are actually tons of fruits and vegetables people aren't aware of. The real problem is the lack of ideas when it comes to meals. That's why healthy cookbooks are so important.