Monday, March 19, 2012

The Bug

It's no secret....I loooove me some soda pop. I know how bad it is. I know how much sugar is in it. I know that it can contribute to a host of diseases and yet still, I drink it. It's not just the bubbles as some soda addicts claim. It's not even the caffeine buzz. It's the taste. I LIKE the taste of Coke. It tastes good! But because I know that it's ruining my teeth, my organs and my figure, I have tried (and failed) to quit more times than I care to mention. I need an alternative...something bubbly and sweet and something that tastes good.

A few months back, we went out to dinner with some friends at a fabulous little hole in the wall called Tuck Shop. The atmosphere was kitchy-cool, the food was local and fantastic, and they had home brewed ginger ale that was to die for. I like regular old store bought ginger ale but to compare the canned version to homemade is like comparing apples to oranges. Homemade simply blows 'ol Canada Dry right out of the water. It's effervescent, it's full of gut friendly probiotics and doesn't look all that difficult to make.

To begin, you need a bug. A ginger bug that is! After reading about fermentation over at Holistic Kid, I gathered my supplies and started fermenting my very own ginger bug. All you need is sugar, ginger and jar to put it in. Each day, you "feed" your bug more sugar and more ginger. It may seem counterintuitive to keep adding sugar to a "healthy" beverage but the bacteria in the bug will consume most of it. In turn, the bacteria create the bubbly, probiotic drink we're aiming for.

Photo from Holistic Kid
After about a week, the bug should be bubbly and ready to be made in to sodas! My starter is only a couple days old so no bubbles yet. I can't wait for it to be ready. I have a recipe for apple ginger soda that I'm dying to try. I'll keep you posted!



  1. Hi Stephanie! I'm glad I'm not the only one ~ sodas are the one thing that I'm never able to kick. They're just so yummy. Can't wait to hear how your new bubbly turns out... PS ~ I really love the cookbook I won in your giveaway but with my needy baby I haven't had time to try any recipes yet. I'm hoping soon....I love the book! Thank you again!

    1. So glad you are enjoying the book Audrey! Thanks for reading!

  2. I'm looking forward to trying out making my own bug. Thanks for the inspiration! I don't drink soda at all. I've just never developed a taste for it. But I love fizzy water, and ginger beer is my one soda weakness, so I think it would be a great treat. The probiotic benefit is icing on the cake!