Friday, March 30, 2012

Apple Ginger Soda- The Finished Product

Today was the day. The soda has been sitting on the counter fermenting away. I was a bit nervous to try it though. The dark, thick liquid in the bottle didn't look much like the light, bubbly beverage pictured in the original tutorial. I twisted the top and heard that beautiful pop of fermented carbonation. So far, so good. I poured some in a wine glass because we're fancy like that and passed it over to my husband. I figured his stomach of steel would fare better than mine if this whole experiment had gone horribly wrong. And then...well...I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story!

"Smells like Thai Fish Sauce"

"It's bubbly and....chunky?"

"If I was really, really thirsty I'd drink it"

"Meh....not that bad!"
My sweet husband. He was generous with his observations to spare my feeling but I tasted it too....

And if you can't tell by the look on face, it was terrible. It really did smell like Thai fish sauce. And because I used fresh squeezed apple juice, there were bits of apple floating around that morphed into these weird, chunky bits that made you feel a little like you were choking when you swallowed. The verdict?


I'm not quite sure what went wrong but I know it was during the soda making step. The bug is still going strong, bubbling away just like it should. I'm definitely going to try this again. But in the meantime, all that Thai fish sauce juice is going right down the drain!



  1. What a great sequence of faces, hahaha.

  2. Perhaps you should strain it before you drink it.

  3. lol....oh no!!! I was following this story closely. I'm preggers and thought "oh, this would be a great alternative to the chemical crap." So keep trying and make loads of money off the final recipe ;)

  4. Oh no! I was so intrigued by this entire process and I wanted it to turn out so much! Oh well, on to the next!

  5. I used pulp free orange juice, but I think I let it ferment too long. It has a faint yeasty flavor. But, if anyone get indigestion anytime soon, I'll know what to give them :)

  6. Hey Steph-

    We are brewing beer in Roswell, and one thing we've learned is the importance of sterilizing EVERYTHING you work with. Quite possible that you got some stray bacteria in your bug, which would account for the thai-fish flavor.

    You can get rinse-free sanitizing powder or liquid from most any homebrew outlet; there are definitely some in your area.

    I'm going to try this ASAP, as I'm also looking for an alternative to soda. (Because beer is also not the healthiest choice!)