Thursday, March 22, 2012

Summer Fashions

It's warming up in my neck of the woods and I have started combing through my children's dressers, putting away winter items that might be useful next season, and figuring out if any of their summer clothes may still be wearable. Both of my children are growing like weeds (as children tend do) and are in need of a few items to bolster their wardrobes. I've been bookmarking tutorials and lusting after fabric and I'm ready to get sewing!

I started with a ruffle sleeve top for K. I used a yellow gingham that my Grandma sent me ages ago. It's soft and buttery and reminds me of fluffy baby chickens. Perfect for spring. And girls just look cute in gingham, don't you think? It sewed up easily and I love the buttons. I love any button that I don't have to sew a button hole for!

The dog was licking her toes...she couldn't stop giggling!

Sweet Daisy Buttons
Stop it doggie!
Oh! Did I forget to mention we got a dog? Yes! We got a dog. A red tick heeler to be exact. We named him Zuma. We adopted him from a local shelter and he's just the sweetest dog. He's only been with us a couple of weeks and already he's a member of the family.
She finally gave in to the toe licking and gave him some belly scratches!

I am also planning to make K a few Lazy Days skirts. I made three of them for her last summer and she wore them constantly. As for J, I plan on making him a few pairs of shorts using a tutorial found at Make It Love It. They have a faux zipper and another button hole free button! I haven't decided which fabric to use...something sturdy for sure!

Are you sewing up anything for summer? Do share!




  1. This is all I have so far....

    i have to get to sewing for L, but she is going to help, so we have to find time!

  2. You are such an inspiration!!! Love you!

  3. Cute K, cute new Zuma, cute ruffly top! Congratulations, we at SuperheroUnderpants bestow on you the Versatile Blogger Award!