Friday, September 3, 2010

Back in the Saddle

She's back! My Brother XR-7700 is out of the shop and ready to do my bidding. And it turns out, it really was my own stupidity that broke it. The shop felt so bad that I knew so little that they didn't charge me to pry the shattered needle out of the sewing case and replace it with a new one. The shop owner kindly steered me toward the retail section of the store and gave me a quick lesson about needle gauge and what size I should be using for each project. She patted my hand, tucked three different sizes of needle packets in my purse and sent me on my way.

Hot Diggity! We're in business now. Now if only I could find the time to actually get some sewing in, I'd really be good to go. On my get-done-by-the-beginning-of -December list:

-Christmas present #3
-Amy Butler's Birdie Sling
-Two potholder/towel sets
-Receiving Blankets
-Headbands for me and K
-More snack baggies
-New purse....time to retire the nasty diaper bag!

Since I've got a busy Labor Day weekend in front of me, I picked a quick victory. Nothing like a little confidence boost before I tackle some of the bigger projects. Headbands it is. We've got gardens to turn and plant, canning to be done, weather stripping to install and the last thing I need is my hair in my face. I found some cute fabric headbands at Target just last week....for $5 a pop. I think not. Especially when I have fat quarters out the wazoo with no immediate purpose. I found a tutorial here that I tweaked for myself. And the finished product....

Maybe I shoulda put on some makeup....

Cute no? This band was my favorite one. That fabric was one of the first fat quarters I ever bought when I was beginning to build my stash. I'm so glad I found such a pretty and practical way to finally use it!


  1. Cute, cute, cute!! Lol, funny story - I loved it! I'm happy you have your machine back; it seemed like a long time you were without it! Thank heavens the repair was minor and they were so nice about it!!

  2. Remember the veggie fabric I wrapped your giveaway in? I'm wearing it as a headband RIGHT NOW! I also made one using a vintage cotton dress someone gave me, size nothing...bit of elastic in the back, covered with fabric, and it's good to go! Love headbands. Yours is a great colour...and no to the makeup. You look great! Glad to hear your machine is up and running again!

  3. Giggling. I also couldn't bring myself to shell money out for something I could reasonably-easily (kinda) make myself. So I did for the first time a couple of weeks ago, also with fabric covered elastic at the back, using a thrifted sarong. I love it. Must make more. Yours turned out beautifully! Sweet fabric.

  4. I hope you signed up for some lessons at that shop!!! So sweet of them to help you out! Love ya!

  5. That's really cute. I could use a few headbands myself, since styling my hair in any way is WAY down at my list of priorities. :)

    Thanks for the link to the turorial!

  6. I love the cute fabric! And, you don't need makeup, you look lovely without it :)