Thursday, September 2, 2010

Waiting for Fall

I am tired of being hot. Really tired. I sweat upon waking, I sweat while I sleep. I sweat when I clean the house, I sweat when I wrestle my son into a fresh diaper. The only time one should sweat is when you're working hard at something....eating breakfast does not qualify. I've been fighting with my conscience all day. Should I turn down the thermostat and be completely dry and blissful? Or should I leave it at a manageable number, one that is good for both the earth and my electric bill? I am torn. And so I pray for fall....

Autumn is my favorite season. Growing up, "autumn" consisted of about two blissful weeks where the days were worthy of a light jacket and the nights dipped down to hover right above freezing. We then plunged head on into bitter wind, cold and snow. Seasons didn't really exist but those couple of weeks were the best time of the year. The light was different, softer somehow. The air smelled earthy and alive. I stayed outside as much as I possibly could soaking it all in before the frigid wind kicked up and remained to blow us into next April.

Skyline Drive, Late September, Virginia
 My relocation to Virginia is where I really fell in love with the harvest season. The changing leaves, the apple festivals...the transition of the earth from summer into winter provided many a happy memory for me. My husband and I used every spare minute to explore, take pictures and enjoy. It was truly perfect.

Grove of Ginkgos, VA State Arboretum
Red Maple, VA State Arboretum
And now....I live here. In Arizona. The desert of Arizona to be exact. Our seasons are Warm, Not As Warm, Hot, and Dante's 7th Circle Hot. Don't get me wrong. December through April is pretty primo weather. We get to have a year round growing season and not once did I have to turn on a heater. But it's just not the same. There's no transitioning so to speak. And though we carry on with the usual harvest-like activities, I find myself staring longingly at the sweaters hanging hopefully in my closet. Soon, I whisper. Soon.

In hopes of hurrying nature along, I have hung my most favorite fall wreath on the front door and have been burning my Harvest Apple and Pumpkin Spice soy candles every evening. I'm making stew for dinner.There will also be fall planting this weekend and maybe even a trip (a long one) to an orchard where I will get my apple fix and hopefully, enough apples for a batch of butter. Now if the temperature would just fall below 100 degrees...


  1. We keep it nice and cool in the house. It is the difference between misery and happiness for us, so we just deal with the miserable high bills for 3 months b/c we don't put the heat on in the 'winter' time.

  2. You could always take a trip out here to Silver and stay with us for a few days and cool down ;o)

  3. It was 36 cool degrees this morning when I got up! Fall is here for us!

  4. Summer is having its last hurrah here...we're sweating a lot, and the bedtime bath is a cool one. I do not cope well with the heat...must be my Irish roots? Fall is my favourite...a pile of wood beside the kitchen woodstove, making apple jelly, and quickly finishing whatever sweater I've happened to tackle with the knitting needles. Back to school, harvest, trees changing it. Wishing you some cooler days.

  5. brother of your mother (its eric ;-) )September 3, 2010 at 6:22 PM

    I totally understand the whole light being different in the fall and there is a new smell. sitting on the porch you can feel the difference in the wind. its really a cozy feeling.