Thursday, September 30, 2010

Catching Up

Over the past couple of days, I've gotten reacquainted with my sewing machine. After it's accident and repair, I fell out of the sewing loop for a month or so. That and the office/sewing room was such a disaster I hated even stepping foot inside it! But after some straightening, a new/old desk from my neighbor and a good cleaning, I managed to again create enough of a space to get crackin'. Eventually, I will be painting and completely reorganizing but who knows when that will be finished...

I eased in slowly, just zigzagging some more napkins. I am proud to report that our paper towel use has been drastically reduced by using these uber awesome cotton squares. I use them as plates, to wipe sticky hands and faces and to wipe down highchairs and countertops. And since the fabric I used doesn't bleed when washed, I can throw them in to any load I happen to be washing, no matter the color. Better yet, K has taken a sudden interest in laundry folding and her specialty is napkins. Because of this, she's always urging us to use (and then dirty) our cloth napkins so that she can fold them when they're clean again!

Next, I whipped up some trick-or-treat bags for the kiddos. K has decided to be Scooby Doo and her little brother J will accompany her as Shaggy. (I can't wait to draw on his eyeliner goatee!) Anyhoo, I briefly contemplated making her costume. It's essentially a dog costume; some ears, a tail, brown shirt and pants with a few black spot, a collar....but after tallying the costs of what I would need, it's actually cheaper to buy a Scooby costume than to make it. I plan to order it soon, but will alter it slightly. The costume itself is basically a large brown jumpsuit. It has yet to make it under 100 degrees here and my poor girl would roast alive. I plan to make the costume short sleeved to get a little air circulation for her. But since I was deprived of making the costume, I used some (free!) Scooby Doo Halloween fabric to make coordinating treat bags. I didn't use a pattern. It was your basic sew two squares together and add a handle sort of thing. I appliqued their names on to the front and presto. Super cute, super easy and I got my sewing fix!

For the privacy of my children, I'm showing only the back side of the bag.
Sneaky Peek of name applique in front
 And last but not least, I've cut out two of pairs of lounge pants for myself. Snuggle fleece was on sale a couple weeks ago so I pounced. Comfy pants, as they are known in my house, are worn for sleeping, snuggling, reading, and all out lounging. The three pairs I currently own are looking grungy. One of them has a drawstring knotted so tightly I can't get it undone and have to wiggle like crazy to get them over my hips. It's time for some new ones. I hope to have them finished by the week's end. 

It's so good to be sewing again. And guess what? The craft store flyer announced today: Columbus Day Weekend... all patterns 99 cents!! I am so there...


  1. ARE YOU SERIOUS??????? 99cents??????? ALL patterns?????? You need to stock up girl!!!! That's incredible! That's all....

  2. So cute - I love all of them!! I have a couple questions for you tomorrow - looking forward to seeing you guys!!