Thursday, April 7, 2011

Operation Hide the Hen

I have two hens in an air compressor box in my garage. I can hear them in there, clucking softly and wondering what the hell happened.

The city water inspector is on her way to assess some drainage issues stemming from our back fence neighbor. They have a leak which is saturating our soil and killing our trees. We've already lost a plum tree. We don't want to lose the apricot and the fig tree in the same vicinity. But, as a city inspector, she may also be apt to enforce other city codes whilst she is on the the one about not having chickens within the city limits.

Hence the poultry in the garage. I'm planning to tell her (if she asks) that the chicken coop is actually a rabbit hutch for a 4-H experiment gone awry. And I hope those silly hens keep their beaks shut while she's here. The things I do for organic eggs...


  1. What part of AZ do you live in? I live in Glendale and we are allowed up to 5 hens within city limits!

  2. Goodyear. No go here. Lucky you!!

  3. Wow - that is SO not fair! Especially in Goodyear - I mean, even Phoenix allows a certain number and you would think the more densely populated areas would be stricter!

  4. And I quote:

    (A) Unless permitted by this code or the zoning regulations of the city, it is unlawful to keep or cause to be kept any horses, mules, cattle, burros, goats, sheep, swine or pigs or livestock, pigeons or poultry within the corporate limits of the city.