Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Perhaps the Air Compressor Was a Bad Idea...

No one likes a phone call that begins with the words "So...I kinda shot myself with the nail gun." But those were the very words I heard when my husband called me about an hour ago. I was waiting to pick up K from preschool. He assured me it missed the bone and wasn't bleeding all that much but asked me gently if I could get home in a hurry.

This is what happened:

Right through the ring finger. By the time I arrived home, he had pulled it out himself with a pair of PLIERS (eek!) and washed and disinfected with hydrogen peroxide. I got out my aromatherapy book and had him soak the wound in warm water laced with tea tree lavender, then treated the punctures with the same oil mixture before bandaging. We'll be keeping a close eye for infection, even though hubby thinks it will be fine since it wasn't a "rusty nail" he impaled himself with.

Want another look?

BOOM! Kinda makes your toes curl, doesn't it? I have been wanting to use some of the holistic healing techniques I've been learning about but I was thinking mosquito bites and scraped knees. Puncture wounds caused by an air pressured nail gun was not what I had in mind. Regardless, I did get to break out my oils and since his finger is bandaged and taped to it's neighbor and his whole hand is throbbing, he took the rest of the day off work. Having him home on a Tuesday afteroon is nice.

I'm starting to regret getting him an air compressor for his birthday though. Live and learn...



  1. Ouch!!!!

    Reminds me of when RMan hooked himself with a fish hook when he was cleaning out the storeroom - got the barbed part of the hook right up under his mail. The doctor had to push the hook through the nail before cutting off the barb and pulling the other end of the hook back out.

    Apparently honey is good for would healing.

    That's going to hurt for a few days - sympathy.

  2. ouch! i think i would have passed out

  3. I am not sure what to say except EEEEEEK.
    I would most certainly have passed right out.

  4. Oh yikes. Thank goodness it missed the bone. I love that he thought to take pictures. A true spouse of a blogger!