Thursday, April 14, 2011

Those Days

It's one of those days. You know. Those days. The kind of day when your hair is atrocious and your fat pants feel tight. The kind of day where beds don't get made, the kids eat cake for breakfast and there are toys and crayons on the floor and dress up clothes hanging on the ceiling fan and you have NO motivation to remedy either situation. The kind of day where you feel like an utter and complete failure at the whole mother/wife thing and you want to curl up in that diaster of a closet and cry but you can't because someone keeps zooming matchbox cars at you from under the door. Yeah....

I'm having THAT kind of day. But you know what makes me feel just thismuch better about the whole situation?

Money. Saving money, to be more specific. Because despite the chaos that is my life, I devoted one solid hour to couponing and saved $117 at the grocery store today. Which left me just enough money to get an extra sticky treat for one deserving little boy who was an angel while we shopped. AND...I remembered my resuable bags. Score.

Saving $117 and a sticky donut kiss? Yes. I think I'm on the mend...



  1. love this!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh, the fat pants. I know that feeling all too well. I lock myself in the bathroom while being yelled and cried at from the other side of the door. Hooray for you...must pay attention to coupons! I'm off to do a post on my new budget at
    Yes, I'm shamelessly advertising my blog in your space. I know you don't mind...feel free to do the same in my space! haha!

  3. That is amazing savings! I love the photo of your reciept. I would print that picture and hang it on your fridge for when THOSE days inevitably happen again, because they always do.
    We all have them. They are never fun but they do pass. And it is amazing how helpful our little ones can be in helping us to snap out of the funk!