Friday, April 22, 2011

The Winner Is....And Happy Earth Day!

Congratulations to Hermann8er!

Your Pampered Chef bamboo spatulas will soon be arriving. Please message me with your address so we can make sure you receive them!

And of course, today is Earth Day. Because Earth Day coincides with Easter this year, our normal "earth love" activites have been taken over by Easter egg hunts and picnics with friends. However, since I feel that Earth Day should really be celebrated every day, there's no guilt here. We will be outside, enjoying the day with our friends. And when all the eggs have been found, and the bunny has hopped home, we will carefully recycle our candy wrappings and compost leftover chocolate rabbits with great care. We will relax in the shade of our newly planted apricot tree and soak up the bliss that is afternoon sun and call it a day. A very good day...

Happy Earth Day!


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