Monday, October 4, 2010

10 Things

Ten things that are making me happy, right this very minute....

1.The one and only pecan that our two new pecan trees produced.At least I know they're not dead!

2. Flowers! The crocheted and ribbon kinds in particular.

3. New tires that were purchased with an AWESOME coupon.

4. A borrowed black dress, rockin' heels and a night with the girls.

5. Our newly planted winter garden.

6. New buttons for the button box.

7. A row of "parked" cars in my living room.

8. The unexpected rain that soaked the clothes hanging on the line.

9. No triple digit temperatures for at least the next six months.

10. WaterColors Eco-Friendly nail polish in Hippie Chick. Safe, non-toxic DIY pedicure!

What's making you happy today??


  1. Okay Ms. Green, I totally have to ask where you obtained this "AWESOME" coupon for tires, as my lovely SUV is in need of some new shoes itself.

  2. Busy days here...not in touch much, but catching up when I can! Your dress looks terrific! Wish I could see the heels. Take care!