Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Adventures With Urban Chickens

The following converstaion took place at approximately 5:40 this morning:

Husband: "Hey. Hey. Are you awake? Do you hear that?"

Me: "Huh?"

Husband: "The chickens. Do you hear the chickens?"


Husband: "The chickens! They're going crazy! What's wrong with them?"

Me: (tossing pillow over my head) "How should I know? Go check on them!"

Husband: "I did. I gave them food but they're still bawking like crazy. If they don't shut up the HOA will find us out for sure. The woke up J. Make them shut up!"

Me: "Make them shut up? What do you want me to do? Tape their beaks shut?"

Husband: "You have to do something. Listen. Don't you hear it? Listen!"

Me: "Seriously. I'm not going out there. I have 17 more minutes until the alarm."

Husband: "Maybe they're trying to tell you something. Use your chicken intuition."

Me: (pulling covers over my head) "I don't hear anything. If they have food and water, and there aren't any dogs or snakes they're fine. They're just....spry."

Husband: "I think we'll be eating a spry chicken for dinner if they don't keep it down."

Me: "I want a drumstick."

Moral of the story....don't wake me before 6:30!


  1. Maybe they were just doing a happy chicken dance?? :o)

  2. LOL Loved this post. We had been takling this last weekend about getting some chickens for our urban home (our neighbours houses are literally 5 - 10 mtrs from our house - I think perhaps we should wait until we are permanently on our farm.

    How was the spry chicken drumstick?