Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pretty New Towels

I mentioned a few posts back that we are in desperate need of new towels. The stringy, threadbare excuses we tried to dry off with were simply not getting the job done anymore. I rounded up every coupon and sale flyer I could find and eventually found a great deal on some very nice towels. And though the passing of our old towels gave me the opportunity to buy something a little more eco-chic, I simply could not afford to pay upwards of $25 a towel for the "organic" label.

Instead, I discovered Linden Street Quick Dry Towels at JcPenney. They are 100% cotton making them super duper soft, and they feature a special and new low-twist yarn that makes them light weight, yet surprisingly absorbent.  According to, it’s this special low-twist design that helps the towel dry faster either on your towel hook or in your dryer. Faster drying means less energy is used. Now, for the better part of the year, I don't really use my dryer. But on those days when it's upwards of 110 degrees outside, hanging laundry on the line leaves me sweaty and sunburned and absolutely loving my energy hog of a dryer. For those few occasions when the towels aren't line dried, these babies dry in about a quarter (yes, you read that right) of their usual drying time. Less energy used=lower electric bill and a happy planet! And did I mention how pretty they are??

Because I love and adore my new towels, and because I want them to last for years to come, I have been taking special precautions to keep them pristine. I have developed a set of "rules" if you will; guidelines for my family so they know exactly what these towels are to be used for (or not used for) should questions arise.

  1. The pretty new towels are to remain in the master bathroom. I got the reject towels as a child and mine will too. When they grow up and get married, they can buy their own fluffy towels. The only exception is when there are guests. Then and ONLY then may the pretty new towels migrate from the master linen closet.
  2. The pretty new towels are to be used for drying PEOPLE bodies after showers or baths. They are not to be used to dry any other kind of body including but not limited to feathery and furry ones.
  3. The pretty new towels are not to be used in the garage. At all. Ever. Period. If I find one out  there...well, let's just say hell hath no fury...
  4. The pretty new towels will not be used for capes, veils, tents, doll blankets, tea party tables, or makeshift mud rugs. There is a stack of older, less pretty towels exclusively for these purposes!
  5. The pretty new towels shall not be marred with make-up stains. Remove makeup BEFORE washing one's face to avoid yucky mascara stains.

And speaking of mascara stains...
Love love loving Organic Wear® 100% Natural Origin Eye Makeup Remover Pads. My old eye make-up remover has, for some reason or other, started burning the crap out of my eyes. My theory is that because I've ditched the chemicals in most of my beauty products, the few that I have yet to switch over are really irritating my skin because it's just not used to the chemicals anymore. Anyhoo, these little pads are great. Paraben free, no synthetic anything, GMO free and CHEAP! And best of all...

No yucky mascara stains on my pretty new towels!


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