Thursday, October 28, 2010

Nature Walk

We're going on a nature walk,
I wonder what we'll see,
We're going on a nature walk,
Oh won't you come with me?

The sky is blue, the clouds are white,
The birds in trees do sing,
I'll take your hand and you take mine,
Let's do some wandering.

 What special treasures lie in wait?
I'll take them home with me,
A special stone, a little stick
A leaf felled from a tree.

I feel the sun upon my face,
The breeze is warm and soft,
The ants are marching one by one,
There are butterflies aloft.

 Alas, it's time to turn toward home,
My bag is filled with gems,
Small trinkets that remind me,
Just exactly where I've been.

We just went on a nature walk,
I hope we'll go again,
We just went on a nature walk,
Oh won't you join me, friend?


  1. You are so cute Steph, and so are those kids of yours!! I miss them, lots!! Tell them hi from Auntie Abby :)

  2. Wonderful. I've been missing this sense of ease and fun with my kids these days. I hope it will come back soon...this post reminds me of the fun I used to create for them every day. Sigh. Gotta get outta this funk!