Monday, October 11, 2010

Apples and Cowboys

Fall is refusing to show it's pretty face. It's still swimming weather here in the valley, and though the stores are plastered with pumpkins and decorated with sprays of golden (artificial) leaves, I have yet to really transition from sweltering summer to my most favorite season of the year. The solution? Road trip!!

We traveled east to Wilcox, Arizona for a little orchard hopping and pumpkin picking to really get us in the autumn spirit. We visited Apple Annie's, a family owned and operated farming operation. The day was warm in Wilcox but a far cry from the triple digits we've been suffering for months. The shade of the orchards provided a welcome respite from the sun and made the perfect playground for two children much deprived of quality time in the great outdoors. 

Fun in the orchard

Put an Asian Pear on your head!

Not only did we manage to pick twenty pounds of both Asian Pears and Rome Beauty Apples (my dehydrator will be running for WEEKS!), we were treated to acres of pumpkin vines, fields of sunflowers, and of course, a hay ride around the property. After a picnic in the shade of a monstrous peach tree and some hand churned apple ice cream and apple cider doughnuts, we loaded our tired and very sticky children in to the van and headed toward our next destination: Tombstone, Arizona.

Home Churned Yumminess!
Rome Beauties
Asian Pears
Sunny Girl
Tell me you've seen the movie! The eye candy cast is enough to warrant a rental if you haven't (Helloooooooo Val Kilmer!). Tombstone was home to the most famous cowboys in the west. Wyatt Earp, Doc Holiday, the whole gang.I know what you're thinking. What does Tombstone have to do with getting in the autumn spirit? Well, nothing actually. It just happened to be on the way home and I've always wanted to see it. And, I feel that exploring the past is an excellent was to prepare for the future. I may very well need to know how to lace a corset or drive a stage coach in the near future!

I guess that's all you need!
Pimp my ride circa 1880


  1. Honey, the future is NOT going to contain corsets...we modern women won't put up with them (although I wore one to a costume party last year and they ARE sexy!)...would love to visit Tombstone! Will someday, and will visit you on the way!

  2. Aww, what a fun time with your family.