Thursday, October 21, 2010


I must have fertile friends. In the past week, I've welcomed one beautiful baby girl into the world, and found out about three more debuting in the spring. Since I am done having children (and not quite at peace with that decision yet) I will live vicariously through their experiences. This is also the perfect opportunity to immerse myself in all things baby.

When I was pregnant not so very long ago, I didn't know how to sew. Or crochet. Or do much of anything really. Boy, have I come a long way! There's something very satisfying in knowing you can make everything your baby is going to need. Knitting booties, making diapers, piecing a quilt for their crib...I didn't do any of these things. Everything my kids had was store bought with the exception of a few thoughtful gifts from those more endowed with creative craftiness. Now that I have the skills to produce handmade necessities, I feel like I kinda missed out. What a lovely, sitting in my rocking chair, my belly protruding from under a blanket, a hook in my hand and half made booties on my's all very romantic, yes? 

Six months pregnant with my son
So now's my chance to make up for it. I may not have a protruding belly anymore (okay, maybe I do but it's because of cake, not babies) but I still have that rocking chair and the crochet hooks. It's time to get crackin'! Those babies need me! Here's what I've been working on...

Opal the Owl
I've always wanted to make my own stuffed toys. The homemade kind are so much cuter than the store bought ones and can be customized according to the child or even to the decor of the nursery. Plus, you have the option to use organic materials so when baby dearest is slobbering away on it, you don't have to worry about any nasty chemicals on her favorite toy! I found a tutorial with pattern here. I altered it slightly by cutting out my own beak, stitching the feet and using buttons instead of felt for the inner eye. Opal is my first softie and will certainly not be my last. I may not be able to give her away!
 Cozy Coverlet
These were my Mom's idea actually. My Mom is big fan of fleece no sew blankets as baby gifts and who wouldn't be? They're soft, they're easy and new mommas love them. I like them too but prefer a "cleaner line" to my blankets. So we compromised. A yard of fleece, a yard of minky dots, rights sides together and stitched all around. The result? Ridiculously cute, luxuriously soft, supreme baby comfort. We rolled them up, tied them with an up-cycled ribbon and stood back to admire our cleverness. However, while basking in our crafting glory I neglected to get a picture of the finished product. Oh well....there will be several more where that came from!

My Momma sewing up storm!
Front and back sides

Blingin' Bibs
Babies are messy. From the moment those little things pop into the world, they are peeing, puking or pooping on something. Diapers catch the mess down under but for anything from the other end, bibs are godsend. Personally, I feel like you can never have too many.  I was inspired by a tutorial I found here. Always looking to make use of what I already I have, I cut up my husband's holiest work pants to make the front of the bib. And to make them really special, I bribed my friend Brandi (who will soon be opening her own crafty web shop!) to let me use her embroidery machine to add names, initials, and girly, cutesy graphics.  I love them! All I need to do attatch cotton fabric to the back, add some snaps, and one very special girl will have her very own, personalized, blingin' bibs!

My Favorite!
So so cute!
 And the list goes on. There are still fluffy dresses, a car seat blanket and possibly a Hooter Hider still to be stitched. And of course more toys.There are hundreds of crafty blogs out there, many who focus on up-cycling and using recycled and/or organic materials. If you'll notice over to your right(------------> that way), I've listed a few of my favorite crafty blogs for your perusing pleasure. Happy creating!


  1. Awesome!!! I love the owl, too cute! You've come such a long way in a short amount of time!!!

  2. I am so proud of you!! I remember giving you your first (crappy, on my behalf) sewing lesson. You are doing awesome!!

  3. Wow! You've been a busy bee since we left. Love, love, love the bibs and owl! Too cute!